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In this edition of our newsletter we will inform you about:
- Fair Trade Inhorgenta in Munich
- Watch News
- Termination of Poljot watch movements production
- Price adjustment / increase - various brands watches

Inhorgenta is the most important watch and jewelry fair in Germany. With around 30,000 trade visitors from 80 countries the trade fair confirmed once more its importance on the international market. / Closing Report Inhorgenta Munich 2012
Our company has taken part at Inhorgenta as a watch exhibitor since 2004. This year we were proud to introduce competent visitors the Aviator Swiss watch brand.

Watch News
Vostok Europe
Right in time for the beginning of the year the manufacturer of the watch brand Vostok Europe has launched a small but significant addition to the well-known Anchar and Rocket N1 series.
Video :
Anchar underwater archeology / Anchar Free Diving
The three new Anchar Titanium models are presented in a titanium case with a new movement. The Seiko automatic movement NH35 is the latest version of the NH series. Its advantage over the NH25 version is that NH35 can also be wound manually by turning the crown.

Anchar Titanium watches in our shop

The three already known Rocket N1 Chronographs (diameter 46 mm) are now produced with the Miyota movement 6S30. Due to the watch movement size the dial has been redesigned, thus creating visual balance and offering easy reading. Another advantage is the central chronograph hand with “mechanical” character of work. One of the new chronographs with the new features is shown in a short video
Rocket N1 Chronographen in our shop
Aviator (RU)

The series "Heroes of Russian Aviation" has been extended with a further two models: the pilots Gastello and Kokkinaki. Unlike previous models of the same series, the two watches are equipped with stainless steel bracelet.
Further models will follow. Heroes of Russian Aviaton in our shop

Neue Aviator Vintage models are now available in stock:
Aviator small second 3105

Aviator Swiss (CH)

The new catalog of all models can be found on the manufacturer's website:
Although not offered for sale through online stores, the Swiss Aviator watches can be requested and ordered directly from us. For any questions please contact us by phone ++49/0/7321-948123 or email pema-gmbh@web. We will be glad to provide any additional information.

Termination of Poljot watch movements’ production

At the end of last year we received the official notification about the discontinuation of the Poljot movements´ production. The production was terminated on December 31, 2011. This event has a huge impact worldwide on various watch brands; manufacturers are forcing a drastic price increase and a restructuring of production.
The further development of the brand Denissov is still unclear.
The watch brands Aviator, Buran and Sturmanskie: Before the end of production (Poljot watch movements) the Volmax Company purchased considerable amounts of Poljot movements for the stock, however at higher prices. Due to the ever increasing demand, which has developed rapidly, the stock movements will be sufficient only for a very limited production time. However, there are still manufacturer’s, as well as distributors´ watch stocks. Volmax watches are now developing now to rarities and collectables.
The usual reliable repair service will be guaranteed by us in the future, too because we have a large stock of spare parts. However, we would like to point out that we use spare parts for repairs only and do not offer them for sale.
Due to the reasons mentioned and general
Price Adjustment in the watch industry worldwide, there are some significant price increases for the watch brands we offer.

Vostok Europe increases prices for Baselworld on average 10%, and depending on some watch models the price change is higher or lower. At the moment, the manufacturer can not provide any exact prices.

Prices for Aviator, Buran and Sturmanskie will be increased by up to 40%. We are able to offer the available stock watches at the old prices. With each new shipment from Moscow the sale prices will be adjusted. For this reason, it is possible that very similar models are offered at different prices. The same is true for the Poljot watches.

Worth reading: Interesting about price trends in the watch industry is the article "Price Spiral" issue 1/2012 Armbanduhren, which deals with a price-comparison of selected classic watches in the annual Armbanduhren Catalogues 2002 and 2012. Available in German kiosks in German only

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